Wheelchair Rugby

We are really proud of our Dragons Wheelchair Rugby Provision, members and support staff.

With the growth of our Inclusion provisions, one of our highlights has been the progress of our DWRT and we are currently looking for a principal sponsor to support this inspiring provision. Please contact mike.sage@dragonsrfc.wales for more information.

What is Wheelchair Rugby?

Wheelchair rugby is fast paced, high octane, highly addictive and the only full contact Paralympic sport, it is open to men and women with a physical impairment and paraplegics.

Train, play, make new friends and keep fit in this great team environment. Be a part of the Dragons Wheelchair Rugby team and bring your fire.

For further information contact Karen Burgess on karen.burgess@dragonsrfc.wales

Dragons Wheelchair Rugby is now an official GBWR team. To view on the GBWR website click HERE

To visit the Dragons Wheelchair website click HERE


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