WRU Hub Officers

The aims of the WRU Hub Programme are set out as follows:

  • To identify those educational settings and local communities where there is a tangible benefit to be gained from the development of rugby
  • To establish hubs within the identified educational settings and communities, to engage young people in curricular and extra-curricular rugby activity, and foster a lifelong affinity to the game
  • To monitor and assess the impact of the hubs:
  • a. Club: on the health of the game of rugby at mini, junior, youth and adult levels;
  • b. Educational setting: on levels of educational attainment and engagement within the host settings;
  • c. Community: the hubs’ contribution to wider social outcomes that affect their communities
  • 4. To inspire a lifelong engagement with Welsh rugby via a positive experience for all

Objectives of the Hub Programme are:

  • To establish sustainable hubs (and where appropriate in partnership with other organisations) in strategically important areas, which support the deployment of Hub Officers to develop the game of rugby among young people
  • To increase the number of young people who are exposed to rugby, and who have a positive experience of the game
  • To increase the number of young people in education who are actively engaged with rugby in clubs or cluster centres and other rugby settings
  • To work in conjunction with rugby clubs for the retention of players in post-16 and adult rugby, and the development of coaches, officials and volunteers
  • To provide enrichment opportunities for young people within the game of rugby, such as enhancement of life skills and future employability to benefit their communities
  • To grow the rugby workforce in Wales, through the deployment and development of people, and the creation and retention of young leaders within the game
  • To contribute to the individual and bespoke objectives of the educational settings, in areas including but not limited to levels of academic attainment, engagement and attendance, discipline, and community cohesion
  • To contribute to the social and physical wellbeing of local communities, through the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle, aligned to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2017 The Hub model
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